Thursday, 6 November 2014

What does the blue tick on WhatsApp mean?

WhatsApp, the social messaging smartphone app, has issued an update introducing a feature that many users have been asking for since its launch.

The chat service has finally introduced a new notification which displays a blue tick next to a private message once it's been read.

It's a feature many users have wanted for years, and indeed one that many thought the app already had.

Previously, successfully sent outgoing messages had two grey ticks next to them. The first meant the message had successfully left the user's device and the assumption was that the second meant it'd been received and read.

But, in fact, the second tick meant that the message had been sent from Whatsapp's server to the recipient's device, not that they'd actually seen it.

The two grey ticks will still appear in private chats, and will turn blue when the message has been read.

The FAQ page on WhatsApp's website has been updated to explain the new feature.

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