Friday, 28 November 2014


There are 3 types of focus

1) Inner/self: a keen sense of where you want to go, and self discipline to get there
2) Others: empathy and the ability to inspire others
3) Outer: awareness of where the greater world is going, and what can be done to shape it

Millionaires seem to spend a lot of time working on 1 and 2, talking about emotional self discipline & company culture.

The billionaires & ultra high net worths have mastered all 3, particularly the 3rd. They are the "unreasonable" ones who adapt the world to their vision. They seem fearless. Perfectly willing to move mountains, change cultures, lobby regulation to achieve their vision.

Another major difference between millionaires and billionaires is how they socialize. Young millionaires seem more eager to gather hundreds of thousands of casual social media followers. The billionaires are rarely on social media, but hold a close group of powerful allies.

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