Monday, 3 November 2014

Obama: "Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote"

PHILADELPHIA – President Barack Obama finished out his brief midterm campaign run here Sunday, urging Democrats to get to the polls and to oust sitting Republican Gov. Tom Corbett.

“You’ve gotta to vote,” he told the crowd of 5,500 filling a partitoned-off gym at Temple University, gathered in support of gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf. “I have got a simple message: we’ve got to vote …. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote.”

Bemoaning voter participation in midterm elections, which is often below 40 percent, Obama offered a comparison. “I mean, Ukraine just went through an election, and they have got a war going on, and they had about a 60 percent turnout,” he said. “There is no excuse for us to just give away our power.”

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