Friday, 21 November 2014

3 Ways To Boost Your Productivity

1. “Morning Sets The Day”

The most highly productive people wake up really early in the morning so that they can get an early start. But that does not mean you immediately have to dive into work. I don't wake up at the crack of dawn to tune into news media, write emails, hop on social media, or to dive into work-related matters. My dawns are my time to connect with myself. Most mornings I try to practice some form of meditation. And that helps set the promise of a new day: focus, creativity, and positivity. It’s a way to get charged. Only after that do I start thinking about my priorities.

2. "Working While Exhausted Reduces Effectiveness”

Working longer hours, especially when we are tired, actually makes us less productive. There have been hundreds of studies done on the need for and benefits of sleep, naps, and frequent rests throughout the day. Suffering from sleep deprivation is a lot like being drunk. A person that lacks the necessary amount of rest is less likely to perform and be effective while working.

To be productive, we have to have an adequate amount of rest. When we are tired, it impairs cognitive ability and judgment, and you increase your chances of making large mistakes.

3. "Stay Focused And Do One Task At A Time”

Multitasking increases the possibility of mistakes, which decreases productivity. When we perform too many activities at one time it usually increases our stress levels. Multitasking often leads to over-stimulation of your brain function.

If we are working on a project or assignment and we are constantly interrupted by coworkers, phone calls, or social media, we risk forgetting details required to comprehensively finish the task at hand. By having too much information inundate us at the same time, our brain cannot differentiate between what is important and what isn't, negatively affecting our memory.

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