Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dare To Dream

Dare to dream. 

Write down the biggest doubt you’re having about a dream you’d like to come true; the biggest doubt that’s holding you back. Then create a “dare” to counteract your doubt. A dare is “solely based on your experience, not outside results,” and “an inner positive challenge that is unique to you.”

For example: Your dream is to write a book. Your doubt is “I’m worried about what other people think.” Your dare is: “I dare myself to write a book and tell my truth, and only my truth.”

If your doubt is “I could never fill a book. It feels too hard; I don’t think I could do it,” your dare is: “I dare myself to write one paragraph a day.”

This can be seriously productive. We can use it to discover what a meaningful life looks like for us and to take steps to actually create it, one dream, one treasure at a time.

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