Monday, 1 December 2014

10 Ways To Become A Molder Of Reality

10 ways to become a molder of reality:

  1. Say no. When you feel pressured to say yes, say no. People without character say yes easily. Learn how to say no with gentleness and clarity. Those who can’t say no are lost.
  2. Stop talking so much. There is an inverse relationship between character and talking. Learn how to be quiet. (For extroverts)
  3. Take on a challenge. Character is the result of thoughtful action.
  4. Realize adapting isn’t quitting. Work through discomfort. Finish stuff.
  5. Stop making excuses. Make today the last day you offer an excuse to anyone for anything, especially yourself.
  6. Acknowledge failures and frailties, but don’t play dead.
  7. Start again. Don’t just lay there. People who attempt hard stuff fail. If you’re always succeeding, you aren’t reaching high enough.
  8. Hang with leaders who have character. “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Craig Groschel
  9. Read about great leaders.
  10. Believe in something bigger than yourself. If you want to see a person’s character, ask them what they believe in. Believers mold reality.

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