Tuesday, 9 December 2014

10 ideas for you to make a little extra cash at home

Here are 10 ideas for you to make a little extra cash at home. 

1. Go knock on your neighbours doors and ask them if you can mow their lawn / clean their snow for $10 - repeat each week

2. Find all the things in your room that you don't use - then sell them on ebay. 

3. Talk to your neighbours that you will clean their garage - when you`re doing it, find stuff that`s old and dusty and ask them if you can fix this for them and or sell it for them on ebay.

4. Go talk to all the restaurants in town and ask them if they`d like to have a social media presence. Then create a FB page, Twitter, Wikipedia profile for them and charge them $100 per restaurant to maintain it. 

5. Find 5 kids in school who are struggling to get good grades and ask them if you can tutor them. Keep doing this until you sign up 5 people - then tutor them in a group after school and charge them for this. Ask them to show up at your place for study. 

6. Call up the local newspapers in your town and ask them if they want a young writer to write a column on the `The Havoc Social Media Created In Everyday Life Of A Teenager'. Then talk to kids in school and ask them what they find the most difficult part about social media, or what they love or hate about social media. Make this into a column

7. Create a profile on ODesk or Elance and find out the things that you can do. Start with your hourly rate at $5 per hour and then move it up as you go along. 

8. Call up event management companies in your town and ask them if you can sell tickets to upcoming events in the area. Negotiate a commission rate with them. Then go around the neighbourhood selling the tickets

9. Learn to use wordpress, from YouTube. Then open your favourite category in the yellow pages. See which companies have a website. Call up the ones who don't and let them know that you'd like to do their website for them. Keep going until you get the number of clients you want. 

10. Have a conversation with every kid in your school / college. Ask them the biggest problem / frustration they are having in their life and what would be the ideal outcome for them. Then come home and write a 30 page ebook about how to solve that problem. Do this by researching on the internet. Then publish this book on Amazon. 

Now pick one - and go out and do it.

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