Saturday, 27 December 2014

3 Steps to Think Clearly and Creatively

Here are the three steps to think more clearly and creatively:

Step 1: Think on Paper (30 Minutes)

There is a quote from one of the Rich Dad’s from the popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad Book.  It goes,  “Always think on paper.”

Draw and doodle; Connect the dots.  Look to see how things flow together.  Cut and paste.  Use words and text to mold your ideas and explore your problems.

Once you've emptied your head you're then ready to…

2. Mastermind (1 hour)

The phrase “two heads are better than one” is an understatement.  Masterminding is when you have two or more people brainstorming and working together to come up with new solutions to problems.  It’s also a great tool for generating new ideas.

Use these sessions to brainstorm ideas and bounce new concepts off each other. Before you start your mastermind sessions, ask yourselves these 4 questions:

What is this meeting about?

What are you trying to achieve?

What are the challenges you want to overcome?

How will this help you? Your clients? Your business?

These are great questions to ask yourself when masterminding.  Just let the ideas flow and you’ll be surprised at how crazy and remarkable the solutions will be.

The last step is to…

3. Take a Mini-Vacation (2-6 hours)

Take a what?  Yes, a mini-vacation.

Decompress and disconnect.  This will help you solve your biggest problems with the least amount of effort.

You’ve got to give your subconscious breathing room.  It’s part of letting go and trusting in yourself.  Your best ideas are not the ones you get during a mastermind session or when you're writing them out.  They come 2-48 hours after you've done your deep thinking or had a really good masterminding session.

So the trick is to be patient; to let go and relax.  The more relaxed you are the better.  That’s why I suggest taking a min-vacation; taking a nap, go for a walk in nature or socialize with friends.  Just give yourself a break.  The ideas will come.

Think clearly and more creatively by following these 3 steps.  You’ll be glad you did.

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